Monday, January 30, 2006

New mold

got out to ypsi 9:15 a.m... b. already there,glory hole ripping hot....
first piece was solid white interior,picked up aqua shards from last weeks failure (lol) blew into newer,tall hex mold = kick ass !
2nd piece i alternated iris gold,then white,hmmm maybe four times on seed bubble;clear gather over got a little out of hand,was stretching out fast so i bailed into new octo-mold and blew out - it picked up the shape real well and had terrific height - about 9 inches. b. did an awesome punty and it broke clean off on the neck.. in freaking business ! flared the lip about 2 inches and took it to may have been a little thin..i thought i saw (heard) cracks forming when i knocked it off ... ]:-P FOCK ! it was still together later,so, knock on wood..
last piece (b. had split) i did the same, but tried to pick up iris gold on lip to reduce as a gold band - that may have worked.
all in all a pretty good day in the hot shop !

Monday, January 23, 2006

working with color

got my kilo of aquamarine blue on friday...took it out sat. am. broke off 3 bits to work with.
rod was 16" long..1" gives good color..only $2.00 for a piece !
that shit is wild...heats fast and a bit weird to work with..i'll get used to it in time..
got off 1 "o.k." piece

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


worked saturday with blue color (collar to color pick up) and gold exterior with clear displacement... unfortunately b. is not that experienced with puntiing.... = 3 on
but shes nice.. so i'll forgive her lol
working on new mold this week and ordered more color fron olympic..

Thursday, January 12, 2006


creating this site to share discourse on the arts,glassblowing and casting..
feel free to share your comments about the art you are into.

is this thing on?

testing first blogger post...