Monday, November 24, 2008

SIGNED Shepard Fairey sticker

a while back i found another great art blog - ARRESTED MOTION the writer posts daily (at least) on art shows,goings on and interviews with artists;TERRIFIC site
couple weeks ago they posted a contest - win a signed shepard fairey progress sticker;identical to the print i got back in may !
i got it friday - and they included lots of other swag as well !
sent 'em a 1/2 doz. blu moon stickers in

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well,old b. never got back with me on my reply,so i figure f.u.2 - looks like i'm not gonna get into the "buddy and pal club" out at baron.
called D.S. at the plym hot shop = yepper HE'S OPENING STUDIO UP FOR CLASSES !!!!!
been waiting to work out there for years - the man's a master !
talked about an hour about setting up my shop,other studios,what the plan is..all sorts of stuff
will post pics of set up when i get started..dec 5th ?
that place makes baron look like..well,it's closer,cheaper and i wo'nt have to put up with the attitude,missed time & the (now) annual concordia scam.
i really do'nt need that gas......


Monday, November 10, 2008

summer fun

worked up a new project thru the summer.reduced my blu moon painting via. scanning and printing;sent it off to "sticker robot" and had a run of 1000 printed ! came out even better than expected. GREAT for urban art assault and "culture jamming". man - they're all over town (s) now !! LMFAO !!


got with b. over the weekend - looks like concordia has nov-feb locked up with classes out at the glassworks - WHAT A FREAKING SCAM !
looks like a.b. has finally sold out ! lolol.
well,could try the shop in dearborn.. & d.s. at "the glassworks" in plymouth sent a card out for classes in beadmaking and mentioned GLASSBLOWING...i wonder if he's changed his mind regarding letting people into his shop....hmmmm have to give him a call - man,i would be HONERED to work at his place !! it's makes baron look like a shit hole !! lololol

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

check this cat !

recently found out about this guy - Damon Soule - man,i'm gonna try something like that in glass - I WISH !!. he's got a show going at Joshua Liner gallery in NYC.