Thursday, March 30, 2006

the taking

went by the scene after work - yup, that puppy is GONE !
it's only been a matter of 3 hours since i dropped it off...hmmmm wonder when it was taken..where it is i drove away, i was laughing my ass off..

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


hooked up with fellow blower and blogger "s" in pensacola yesterday,he started the "i found the glass" blog (on blogger) to support our "URBAN GLASS ASSAULT" (lmao)....after he read my blog about the distribution of the wealth = he saw the light..
so, in honor of that, on a run for work ; i swung by cvs for stamps - and left a piece on the freep box...some corpulent old woman pulled up just as i walked away - zounds ! glassblowingman nearly found out !!! lol lol - thought i might witness my first "taking"...
i'll swing by after work to see if it's still there... but'nt have my cam..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


went by acorn shop with new large green piece (see below); the owner "k." (what a hottie :-P !!) already carries fenton art glass (bleh) "so i would'nt be interested" (freaking tart !!) but we chat and she would be interested in carrying my geometric pieces..or anything "different"... cool !! i'll be back later on with stuff like that..
in regards to the green piece..i took it in for the desk at, every time i look over i get that all too familiar feeling in my loins .. LMFAO !!!

Monday, March 27, 2006



got out to shop about 9:45 - c. just got there,but glory hole heating up,b. on her way...
worked with displacement again once b. got in..had some success with it & b. getting pretty handy at assisting.. good punties and a good reckoning with me on timing..
ended up with one on floor (my bad) one with bottom cracked...2 pretty nice pieces AND A BOWL FOR B. !!
all in all pretty productive for just 1 1/2 hours !!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

getting a piece

this is the piece b. gave me on saturday - the woman does incredible stuff ! it will be good to see her back working again,when she decides...she can be such a sweetie lol

well, i can say the first piece i got this year was from her .lmao !

g. over last night,had great time - another fan of my most recent work..laughed his ass of when i told him about the "urban art assault" so,in regard to that..after shopping at bobs today..i left another piece over by cleaners..LMFAO !!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

good cause

b. gave me this poster for the empty bowls fundrsaiser in april. will try to produce a couple bowls for the cause... she has already made 2..
looks like the plan for saturday is the usual.. see whats going on around 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my rep.

got with a. last night..he's going to rep. me while he's underemployed.i'll give him a 20% commision on gallery sales and 25 for custom orders.. he's knows scads of people in the arts and acting world,so i gave him about 30 cards and a catalog of work on c.d...welp,..see how it goes..
he really digs the new stuff i've been doing..
i'll be getting with b. later today to plan studio time this weekend.. already thinking stuff up to try..

Monday, March 20, 2006

last weeks work (2 weeks ago)

back in the saddle..(bench)

got out to studio ~9:20 - hey ! b. already there - and blowing glass !! with color too !!! lmao
yaaa good to get back..
'k got started..explained to b. how i was going to try displacement with the pine tree green..she has some good suggestions...worked out that 2 gathers was to thin again..crapped that piece out !! lol
b. making nice bowl ..we're talking about the quitting thing.. says, "i'm quitting smoking..AND i'm not getting anything done" ! ULP ! WOULD YOU REPEAT THAT??!! LMFAO ! ..could be more information than i need right now...
my last piece i got up a white seed bubble,2nd gather and picked up the green (2X) b. brings a pull of clear ...displaced twice.. then got 3rd gather to case that..blew it out and swung a lot of glass !! ....b. wants to know what i want to do..well...oh! with the piece!! lol.. she gets me a GREAT punty,got a clean break and flared the lip just a bit...BOXED THAT PUPPY - YOWZUH !! IT WAS A TRUE MASTERWORK !!............why,i bet it will be mistaken for an a.b. piece lmao !!
b. says "we really do make a good team"..and we do ! ;-)

Friday, March 17, 2006


spoke with a.b. about sat. plan..good to go from 9am - noon...did'nt mention the wigout of b. - that's her problem...i just want to get set for this sat. and try that pine tree green,get my stuff from 2 weeks ago,have a little fun and get in some valuble time... paying for all 3 hours solo time will bite though.. feh.. maybe i'll go every other week...we'll see..
b.'s spazz attack really throws a wrench in the works !

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

working solo

well, have pretty much acclaimated to working solo...b. responded to last e-mail in a little bit of a snarky way (?) .."ugh,color"..well fine, keep doing the same 'grey' things over and over...i got me a kilo of pine tree green on order still interested in doing that trade saturday..'K.. do'nt know when i'll see her around again..fock it ! even if a.b. agrees to 2 hour time slots on sat. , i'm still out another $15.00 THANKS ALOT BABY !
~6 WEEKENDS left = 90 bucks more - MIMINUM ! that sucks!!
gave penniman gallery a call at lunch,to see about putting work in for glass month..."who ith ths "?? "no,thorry,i have plenty of merchandisth on hand" (lispy) O.K. - THANKS ANYWAY YOU FREAKING SHITPACKER ! .........EWWWWWWWWW

Monday, March 13, 2006

BUMMER II is a somber day for glassblowingman.. i have learned my trusted,loyal,skilled and talented sidekick b. has resolved to take a hiatus from the glass..effective immediatly... is unsatisfied with her "growth" of late and is very busy... well. o.k. but who the hell is going to paddle and puntie for me ? and keep me entertained and enlightened at the same time? lol

ah..a dark day indeed !

will get with a.b. later this week to see what i can work out thru april...

Saturday, March 11, 2006


all set to work this weekend..then a cold coming on thursday..took fri. off - felt like crap ! blow glass ??!! "i don't have the strength to break an empty shell......and i certainly don't have the mend it." (p. parret) later sat. went up to get drugs.. left an older piece on sidewalk out side cvs....LMFAO !! it's been the bright spot of the weekend !!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


finished the paddle up yesterday..has 2 working surfaces,a 10 degree tapered edge for getting right up agin the jacks and a rounded nose for getting inside and beveling an inside lip... see how it works this sat. i hope.. piece of cake to make it up too !
if b. likes it..i'll let her use my tool
working on ideas for sat. also,may just "test" some fine stainless wire..'s the paddle...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


worked up design for paddle ,,"multi-tool paddle" 2 edges,and a flaring tip on it..going to go work on it now..will post pic when done

Monday, March 06, 2006


no studio time this weekend.. c. , b. and i agreed last week to take a break.. got some stuff done around home and office,did misc. stuff in the morning..pretty productive overall..went out looking for gift shop i saw ad for..try to get work in that store too - seeing how "friskes" is kind of sucky in regard to sales...good thing his daughter is a hottie !
need to call penniman gallery this week also,try to get stuff there for glass month - i fully feel ready and confidant for "the big time"... lol