Monday, December 18, 2006


got out sat. a.m. ... b. not in yet,so set up bench and laid out pipes and punties to preheat....
time to get started..did a 2 gather with a mix of black and white..looked pretty sweet !
2nd piece did 3 gathers..seemed like more..shit ! was a lot of glass..swung out for new mold,got great height ! neck broke a little jagged.did a lip wrap and screwed that too freaking hot.."gotta bail on this one"
3rd piece,did sand yellow interior,2nd gather and wrapped in pinetree green..raked lines into it about 10 times,burned in and swung out into a bud vase shape...FREAKING GREAT !!!!

in passing i learn more about the special class coming up...8 weeks the shop will be tied up..asked about "my" afternoon time (as discussed earlier...weeks ago) 'oh,there are'nt any openings'..the usual bullshit lines... feh..glad i've done/made all those little xtras around this joint...f.u. too !... i'm getting the impression b. is going to be helping..well i hope it works and does'nt reflect poorly on her..what with a.b. coming in late,blowing days off,changes in plans,shorting hours,etc..i mean people are paying like a grand for an accredited course...i dunno with the track record out here..lmfao !!!

Monday, December 11, 2006


got out to shop early ! made nearly every light..
did a piece with shards in old post mold for a change..been a while... looked pretty wild ! white interior,out side looks a little like tree bark - a keeper.
worked w/ b on colored wraps on the next two pieces..getting the timing down pretty good..

still no word from acorn shop on ornament sales...dammit !

Monday, December 04, 2006

sunday laffs

no word on sales at acorn,being a boring day,i was printing up some new (and improved !!) cards,when i thought to myself.. "self ! it's been a while since you did a drop off" that's just what i dons store in afternoon,for some coldies..and left this on the news box on the way in.. some old fart coming in when i was going out..parked right in front of it..the blind old bat did'nt even see it lmao !
well,in the holiday spirit of giving,may some lucky soul enjoy !!

'TIS THE SEASON...........?

got out to studio a little later..glory hole ripping hot,got bench set up - ready to rock....
did 3 gather right off the optic mold with blue and white,twisted it up good length,flared the lip just a tad..looks nice..b. does a great punty now..broke off clean as a
tried a lip wrap with b after explaining what i'd read on the matter...worked out pretty good..will require more practice however..
b. split at 11..and after that,things kind of went to hell in a handcart..lmao !

smoked bottoms of last weeks work on grinder....mighty fine if i say so m'self !!