Wednesday, October 22, 2008


one very good thing of the year past - HAD FIRST SOLO SHOW ! just a small coffee house,for a week. the opening went well,not real crowded, friends came by;patrons in and out all afternoon.put out cards and c.d. catalog - got a few calls during the following week and ended up selling 4 pieces... on my way to the big time !! lol

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


o.k. ..."i'mmmm baaaaacckk"

sometimes ya get thrown a curve... dad went down sick late last year..lost him in january : ( really did very little good work... then my mom passed suddenly in feburary - just like that !

now that was fucked up !! took a hiatus the rest of winter,but did go back in april a bit.

things have changed a little due to the estate..may open my own shop in a couple years & started collecting some of the art (limited edition prints) that i enjoy/admire;soto,caeser,choe,brandou - and yes ! i got my ryden !!! - so this will also become an art blog as well

going to contact b. this weekend to see if she is working this year - have to start cooking up some plans/ideas..going to continue working on the odd handles again...see below