Tuesday, February 28, 2006


dropped another old piece off over at l. garden store..this way whoever finds it can call right away to inquire about buying more from me............... LMFAO !!

Monday, February 27, 2006

hot glass redux

got out to shop ~9:20 - b. already finishing a piece up !
got stuff set up..1) layered heavy white on seed;2nd gather,then diamond marver. 3rd gather, swung out for oct. mold..hopefully the bubbles will cast shadows on the white..and "move" as the lighting changes..shall see... pure genius !
2) combined shards of iris gold & ruby (old pieces) on preheater - picked those up on 2nd gather & cased with clear;blew out into oct. post mold - got good shape & puntied up..dam straight break too ! - then the sucker broke to bits.. i think it was a compatibility problem... shit ! was going to make a bowl for b.s "bowls for beggars" dinner but it kept cracking... fuggit !
last piece i alternated iris gold & gold ruby bands - IT WAS GREAT !
was going to post pics of last weeks work..freaking disk is empty ! lol !

Friday, February 24, 2006

distribution of the wealth...

printed some more cards last night... brought an older piece along today to put out somewhere..mmm maybe over at credit union..
well, so far,no calls on work - but its early,have only put 3 out so far - no,wait,4.. but whoever found they may be a tasteless,uneducated boor - do'nt they recognize greatness when they see it ? lolol


here's the skinny on the oxbow class...man,that would be kick ass !

Thursday, February 23, 2006

summer plan ?

recieved a course catalogue yesterday from oxbow school of art.. nice sounding glass classes..one in experimental,taught by ed schmid.. 6 days/8 hrs a day for $475.00.. includes lunch ! = ~10.00 an hour lol..lets see a.b. beat that !
have until late march to mull it over..hmm..probably 75.00 a night for a room.. i'll have to look into the financial situation further..
it would be freaking great !

Monday, February 20, 2006

what you do when the block water's froze


got out to ypsi 9:30 am. beat b. in... hm. door froze ajar..j. says it's been open all night lol BLOCK WATER SKINNED OVER ,and i can see my breath ! "ITS FREAKING COLD IN HERE" lol
got started.. tested mini-marver on a ruby gold seed bubble..hmm.. got a gather over that.. YOWZUH ! produces a whole field of little bubbles !! (not sure yet what it does to the color). swung out a bit, b. in at that point, so she punties it up and paddles the lip flat - digs it to.. wants to use it - no problem..
2nd piece i went with 3 gathers,enough room on marver to roll #2 gather...3rd gather over that - blew into oct. mold GAWDDAM ! it's great !
3rd piece i went with a white interior/ruby gold exterior - and the minimarver...swung way out for more height....aighhh the punty gave out when nearly done - i swear that sonafabitch jumped off to get in the glory hole to warm up... LMFAO !!! I thought the punty was a little skimpy..should have turned it down lol..
all in all, a good day in the hot shop..well, it was'nt too hot with that door open ..

Thursday, February 16, 2006


decided to post a pic of the mini-marver.. dayum that came out nice !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

diamond marver

started mini diamond marver yeaterday at lunch...just finished that sucker up... looks good !
got a kilo of old ruby gold...er..i think it was that..on order sunday..hopefully get it friday..along with a couple of dvds lol..gonna be a good weekend !

Monday, February 13, 2006

kicking major (glass) butt

went out sat. at 9:30 am . a.b. not in.. b. there working when i arrive. dropped a bit of aqua into preheat. 'k; get started.. tried the iris gold and white in oct. mold again...got out of hand again when flaring the lip...damn, too thin ! did color pick up for 2nd piece..then 2 gathers over that.. got good size now ! YOWZAH !!. blew that into oct. mold.. yeah !! i kicks ass !! broke it off and puntied up.. small clear spot on lip.. b. suggests pointing it out for a pour lip..now you're talking baby ! got that one in the box !
o.k. for last piece (1/2 hr. left) tried iris and white AGAIN . this time with 3 gathers...used 4" block...allllrigghhhtt got me a bit of glass LOL ! ..swung that shit out about 7" long and into oct mold..blew it in about 5 times annnddd... fock yea !
b. got a good punty,flared the lip and paddled it flat....box that puppy !


last weeks work

this is some of lasts weeks work.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

distribution of the wealth 2

waiting to hear back from b. regarding this sat. was sounding like it might be noon-3pm this weekend..that's fine too..been trying to dream up something new to try too.. did'nt make the mini diamond marver plate yet.. (lazy ass !)...so it will be oct mold again and maybe some yoynich text again..
went out here at lunch for snax..left an old piece on curb stone over by jap store...LMFAO !!!.

Monday, February 06, 2006

did some pretty good work sat. - only got 2 pieces off though. have started the "distribution of the wealth" program lol... left 1 piece outside don's store on freep box. and another in a cart outside a f.j. market. they looked so lonely...i hope they get a good home...lmfao.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

last weeks work (it's a miracle !)

dayum ! the big iris gold piece made it out of the box alive..though not un scathed ! yup,freaking cracks all over that puppy lol... but its an inspiration to know i can work that large.... i'll tell you something.. when i saw it again..i really got wood lol

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

selling work

have new idea for getting the "word out" how great my work has become lollol.
am going to select older pieces i might discard and put a business card in each and leave them laying around "town";on trails,in the mall,outside stores....anywhere there's foot traffic. LMFAO !!
i told b. about it on sat....she giggled with delight.. but not like she'd giggle if ... lol
in related news, old ..errr i forgot her name..called again last night looking for more paper weights ! this is like the third time she's called !
"i do'nt have any more you old bitch !!!!!" lol
jeez - buy some of my fugging vases already !
i can't shit this stuff out you know !!???