Monday, November 19, 2007


got out to hot shop about 9:05.b. already there,glory hole getting hot. set up bench..
showed b. & c. some of the salt prints..they like "em..
b. lets me go first.."how do you do this again"??? lol got it together right away..pulled of 3 gathers into new mold..worked good but part of shoulder caved in ...oh well...
ended up pulling of 4 pieces by noon !!all intact - no bad punties or cracked bottoms...YOWZUH !
new guy out today - HOTDOG running in shop,yelling,acting up - he's impressed with himself !
what an ingrate ! b. & i just roll our eyes.
planning on getting back next week too...
all in all - GREAT TO GET BACK AT IT !!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


Well,made it out to ypsi sat. out 9:15 - no b. WTF ?? a.b. there.. "i tried calling you""we have a time conflict" (yeah,yeah,yeah) THAT'S OBVIOUS !!

had a good chat with a.b. though..about the future show this summer,ordered up a 4" block;she showed me this way cool u.v. film for sandblasting "rayzist"..comes with a really sweet u.v. light,film,washer,print paper... about 400 bones.

not a total loss of time,a nice drive..did some errands on way back. - try to get things organized b. for next week - what a flake !

have a couple pics of some pieces from the end of last sessions - around mid may

so here ya go !