Friday, May 12, 2006


welp..that time i reupped my custom plate - of course !
so, if'n you see me on the sure to honk..lmao !

Thursday, May 11, 2006

it's gone !

went back up to ridge last weekend...checked out the last drop from previous weekend
it's gone !! lol............another stranger lucks into one of my pieces !! lol lol

Monday, May 01, 2006

weirdest place yet

got out sunday at ridge for a hike..mos. sunny 67 deg. afterwards left old piece on slab on edge of ball field.............lmao !

open house

went out to studio saturday to pick up glow glass and check out a.b. open house...right away a. was talking about some problem with b. she's upset about something or mad at me and a.b...dunno what that deal is i hope she comes back next fall..she was a good assistant and fun to work with...
put glow bottle in sun for a charge..a.b. wants me to do a demo for the few people milling around. did small apertif glass with bubble field (it'll replace the old one i broke by accident couple weeks ago)..feh kinda warm today ..will keep it small.
a.b. makes A HUGE vase - the crowd goes wild !
did another demo with glow glass.solo punty and boxed it up.
put glow bottle in the bath with lights off - freaking wild !! nice blue glow on it - IT WORKS !!
split around 3:00..had a good time even without.. a.b. talking about me making a rolling unit for the marver to roll sheet glass..i'll pick at the design the next couple weeks..