Monday, November 27, 2006


no studio time this sat. instead,took 15 ornaments to the acorn shop,strung them on a brass chain,with a round sign with price and "ask about our vases and bottles"..k almost has an orgasm over them is going to hang them by the front door...figures they should move pretty good - we'll see....
sunday,met "s" finally at roses... but would work on collaboration with her...just an old hippie chick,plus she lied about her age,lmao !and WOULD NOT SHUT UP.... freaking 3 hours of blather... can you say "motormouth" ???
but her fabric work is very cool...the waitresses lined up to check it out... i gave out 2 cards and info on my it was'nt a total wash...
can't wait to get back next weekend !

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


o.k. ..i admit to working last saturday..did'nt post any pics because i really have no other new work..just the first fish and that was butt
got in at 9am as usual.. did 2 gather in older hex mold w/iris gold reduction, b. doing GREAT punties now !
decided to try that old aquamarine blue..its been preheating for a while..did crown to color pick up,then 2nd gather,got good shape,a little chill..THEN NEAR DISASTER ! got 3rd gather..err WTF??!! was flopping all about,getting softer and softer IT'S OUT OF CONTROL !!! LOL
barely made it out of furnace to ran all over floor....seconds more and that would have been in a freshly charged furnace RUINING 300 LBS OF CLEAR GLASS
A.B. WOULD NOT BE AMUSED............lmfao !!
ended up using blue frit/3 gathers in new mold,pulled a pour lip and boxed that was kick ass !
tried another fish with b. ...worked out a little then visited the floor lol
had a good one this this weekend due to holiday.
on a side note : hooked up with fabric artist "S"..hoping to colaborate on some projects...but the primary focus (according to her) is getting some bone.. lol..well,see if she's hot this sunday...

Monday, November 13, 2006


went out to studio about 1:30 pm , annealer went down on friday;a.b. called to tell - no studio time this weekend..feh
picked up last weeks work,smoked bottoms on grinder,hit the road again...
went by acorn shop to check on the pieces for sale (and check out lil ;-P ) yep,still there ! is interested in the new mold style..and wants ornaments for the holiday ! cool!....i'll be back with the goods the weekend after thanksgiving..
anyhoo..this is the new mold piece - worked great !!

Monday, November 06, 2006


got out to studio ~9am sharp..walked down to river for a pulled up in lot,thought it was c. so went up..nope.
got in ~9:10 started glory hole and set up bench..
blowing by 9:30. GOOD TO GET BACK !
did a small "warmup" piece..........o.k. it's time
explained the doings of the new mold to b.
got up 3 gathers,got really good shape going;swung it out,good length..can't believe the way things are going after 6 months away !
will post a pic. of it when i get it back.
b. did some work with color.
and to cap the day off..did the first fish..lmao..looked like,first try..

Thursday, November 02, 2006


posting pics of new mold details...purtnear done now; have at least 5 hours into it - better the corner pieces were about $15.00 and the sides were about $22.00..base was freebie from work.
hope to try it out this weekend..gonna be freaking great !